The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 3: The Pirate's Claws

“Do you want to talk to me, Chaun?”

I shrugged. “Just passing the time. Trying to be helpful.”

She narrowed her eyes as Angela pushed from the railing. The knight muttered something about lying down as she stalked off. Sophia turned, folding her arms before her. She always was a little suspicious of me.

“Did you enjoy my wife?”

“You know I did,” Sophia smirked. She glanced at my wife. “Why, looking to watch me go down on her right on deck? Because I won't. Too many sailors around. You get to watch, not them.”

I laughed. “You have a perverted mind.”

“I do.” She grinned. “Like you. So what are you thinking about? What naughty idea do you have for your wife next?”

“I've noticed you haven't been with Minx.”

“She's attached to Xera even when the elf doesn't have a cock.” Sophia smirked. “Now, I think it's literal. She's probably in the cabin with her tiny cunt impaled on the elf's cock.”

“Probably. Poor Xera.”

“Why poor Xera? I thought all you men, and hermaphroditic elves, loved being in pussy. I don't blame you, I love fingering and tonguing cunt. It's the best thing in the world.”

“Must be exhausting. That Minx is insatiable.”

“And if I took Minx off of Xera's cock, she would be free to fuck your wife?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

Xandra gave a giggle. Out of the corner of my eye, she straightened and turned around. She smiled at me then rushed over, her colorful, sleeveless blouse rippling in the breeze. She stopped before us and threw her arms around my neck, giving me a hungry kiss.

“Dolphin's done playing?” I asked.

Xandra nodded. “But they were so cute. You would have loved them, Sophia.”

“I would have,” Sophia said, reaching out to stroke Xandra's hair. “Mmm, and so are you. Want to go into the cabin and relax?”

Xandra blushed and squirmed.

I gave Sophia a look. What was she doing? The acolyte gave me an innocent smile as she stroked my wife's blushing cheek. Sophia turned Xandra's chin then leaned over, planting a hot kiss on my wife's lips.

Xandra squirmed more while my dick ached in my pants, rising to press at my codpiece. Sophia's tongue probed my wife's lips. Xandra moaned, her cheeks growing even redder as her sapphire eyes closed.

Then Sophia broke the kiss, leaving my wife gasping. “Are you sure you don't want to relax with me, Xandra?”

“I-I'm sure.” She looked up at me. “I would rather relax with my husband.”

“Your loss” shrugged Sophia. She glanced at me. “And I'm not touching Minx right now. She is dripping with elf-cum. Eww.”

“What was that about?” Xandra asked as Sophia walked across the deck.

“Just talking about Xera and her big dick and how Minx is monopolizing it.” I glanced down at her.

“It's...strange seeing her with a cock.”

“I know. She's so soft, so feminine, and then there is a huge cock. I bet it makes your pussy so hot.”

“Chaun,” she moaned in embarrassment, pressing her face right into my chest. “Don't say things like that.”

“It's okay,” I told her, stroking her hair. “I don't mind if you think about Xera's dick. Or Thrak's.”

“I never would,” she said. “I won't break our marriage vows.”

An idea popped into my head. We couldn't play with Xera—yet. But there was another way to mold my wife. “I bet your hot pussy needs satisfaction.”

She lifted her head. A smile grew on her lips. “It does. It would be so husbandly of you to help me out with it.”

“Gladly.” I stroked her face. She was such an innocent creature. Corrupting her would be so much fun. “I love you.”

Her smile grew even more beautiful as she lifted up on her tiptoes to kiss me on the mouth. I did love her. I knew that now. It was intoxicating. I could see the man she was married to, the man she loved dancing through her thoughts.


How could I not fall in love with her? I lost my heart to her.



I stripped naked and bent over the hammock, the netting pressing on my stomach. It swung me back and forth, my small breasts jiggling as I wiggled my ass at Chaun. I watched him strip. His clothing was so complicated. All these buttons holding everything together. It didn't come off easily.

But he was finally naked. His skin so ebony. His cock thrust hard before him. I licked my lips and shook my ass, eager to feel him in me. My pussy itched. Juices dripped down my thighs. Sophia's kiss had aroused me.

I yearned to enjoy her again.

Which was so wicked of me. Just like my thoughts turned to Thrak's cock and Xera's dick. Why? I had a husband. I loved him. I didn't love the others. They didn't make my heart race for joy. I didn't miss them when we were apart. I didn't want to whisper my deepest thoughts and desires to them. My fears.

I didn't want them to comfort me when I was sad.

But I wanted to fuck them. It was disgusting. I was an avian woman now. Yes, I could not transform into a bird, but that didn't change what I was. We mated for life. We did not act on our bodies weak desires.

We stayed faithful. Like Luben would want us.

“You've been thinking about Thrak's cock,” Chaun said. “I can see hints of him in your thoughts.”
I blushed. “Y-you know that?”

“Of course. I look at a woman and see whom she loves, and whom she desires.”

I trembled, biting my lip. “Who do I love?”

“Me. And you desire me greatly, but Thrak is on the edges. You want to experience his big cock and strong body. You want to be fucked hard by him.”

My cheeks warmed. I squirmed, my pussy growing juicier as I imagined his swarthy body and thick cock. He was huge, far taller than Chaun or anyone else in the party. Even Xera. And so broad. He was a living rock. Muscular and scarred and so tough.

“I'm sorry. I can't help it. I know it's wrong.”

“It's not.” Chaun touched my ass. “I don't mind. I find it sexy. I would love to watch Thrak take you. Or for the pair of us to make love to you together. We've shared Faoril before. It was hot having the woman please us both.”

“Chaun,” I groaned, so embarrassed. “We're married.”

“Well, there is a way for you to experience Thrak's cock without breaking your vows,” he said, his voice growing deeper as he spoke.

My eyes widened as he changed. Transformed. His midnight-black skin became the swarthy red-brown of Thrak. He swelled bigger, his chest expanding, shoulders broadening. His face became fierce, his white hair thick and woolly. And his cock swelled to Thrak's girth.

My eyes widened, staring at the tip of the huge dick, remembering how it stretched Faoril's cunt last night. My pussy clenched as Thrak—no, he was my husband—lumbered forward. Rough, large hands seized my hips.

“This is what you want,” he said in the orc's deep rumble, rubbing that thick cock against my pussy. “Isn't it, slut?”

“Yes,” I moaned. I didn't have to hide my feelings from Chaun. I loved him. I could tell him anything, and he would still love me. “Yes, I do. I want to feel it, Thrak.”

Even saying the name, pretending it was the real Thrak and not my husband, sent a shudder through me. This wasn't cheating, but I could still satisfy my curiosity for the orc's big cock. I squirmed, the hammock swaying beneath me.

“Fuck me, Thrak. Do it! I need to feel that cock. It looks so big. Faoril loved it.” The words poured out of me, my desires revealed. It was safe to speak them, to unleash them. I wasn't breaking my marriage vows.

Only pretending to.

Thrak rubbed his cock up and down my pussy. I groaned, savoring the tip pushing apart my lips, teasing me. My toes curled as they dangled off the hammock. My nipples ached so much. I pinched them as he teased me.

“Please, please, I'm so wet. I don't need any foreplay. Just your cock, Thrak. In me.”

“Eager to break your marriage vows. To fuck my cock. What would your husband think?”

“That he has a hot, sexy wife. A slut.” I pinched harder at my nipples. They were connected to my pussy. The sensations shot right down to them. I squirmed, moaning louder. My nipples were so hard. They ached.

“You think he would approve?” The tip of the dick entered my pussy. The hammock swung, his cock moving me forward. And then the hammock swung backward, and my pussy slid down Thrak's big, thick cock.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I shouted, not caring about the question as my pussy was stretched. Thrak's cock was huge. It widened me. I shuddered, my ass clenching and relaxing. I liked the size of the dick. My hot cunt gripped it, pleasure shooting through me. “So big.”

“Would your husband approve?” growled Thrak, his rough hands rubbing up and down my back, and sides.

“He would,” I moaned. “He wants to watch me with others. To know that I'm his hot, slutty wife. I don't know why. He shouldn't want anyone to touch me. He should want me all to himself.”

“But you're just so beautiful.” Thrak's rumbling voice made me shiver. The hammock creaked, swinging slightly, moving my pussy an inch up his cock. Pleasure rippled through me. His dick teased my pussy. “He wants to see your passion explode, to watch you writhe and feel pleasure. He wants to share it with you.”

“He wants to fuck other women,” I moaned, squirming. A surge of anger shot through me. “I'm his wife. He shouldn't want anyone but me.”

“And you want to fuck other men. Me.”

The rumbling words made me shuddered again, my body rocking, the hammock swinging, sliding my pussy an inch or two up and down his cock. I gasped, loving the sensation. Thrak was right. I wanted to be with other men.

But I didn't want to break my vows. That wasn't Thrak fucking me but Chaun. I wasn't cheating. “It would be so wrong.”

“And that adds its own spice. It's what makes your cunt so wet. How wrong this is? You're breaking your vows, Xandra. And it makes your pussy so hot. Your snatch's clenching on my dick. Your pussy is boiling. Your juices dripping. You love this.”

“I do. I'm such a wicked wife.” The words increased my excitement. My hips undulated. I swung the hammock by moving my arms, sliding my cunt up and down his cock. It was so wicked. My hair dangled and my nipples throbbed.

“You are a wicked wife,” Thrak groaned and seized my hips.

He didn't fuck me. He slid my pussy up and down his cock. The hammock creaked and groaned as I swung back and forth, his cock sawing in and out of my depths. I loved it. My toes curled as they brushed the wood decking. His dick went so deep in me when he swung me close then slid out to the tip, leaving me aching to be filled.

I gasped and moaned, loving every second of it. I was such a wicked wife for enjoying Thrak's cock. He was so big. My pussy squirmed and clenched. I bit my lip as the pleasure swelled in my depths.

Thrak swung me faster. I bottomed out on his cock, slapping into his groin. My clit throbbed at the impact. Pleasure shot through me. My pussy clenched on his dick. I groaned and gasped. I wiggled my hips, loving his dick so deep in me. I groaned as he pushed me away. My flesh clung to him. He was so big it almost hurt.

I ached as his hips thrust.

The smack of our flesh grew louder. His balls thwacked against my clit. They were heavy, filled with his cum. His thrusts slapped me forward, the hammock swinging as my juices kept me lubed. I moaned and bit my lip, swiveling my hips as the pleasure swelled.

“Let me hear you moan. How much do you love my cock?”

“It's so good,” I groaned. “Oh, Thrak, it almost hurts. I ache, but I love it. I want to cum. I'm going to cum.”

“Good. Cum, slut. Let me feel that married cunt spasm on my dick. Be the whore. Let it explode out of you.”

“Yes, Thrak.”

My body twisted as the pleasure built. His dick sent naughty flutters through me with each thrust. I gasped and groaned. Every thrust ignited the fires inside of me. They swelled, burning hotter and hotter, threatening to consume me.

I wanted them to consume me.

“Yes, yes, yes, Thrak. So good. I love your cock fucking me. Oh, yes. I'm such a wicked wife. So wicked... Oh, Luben, forgive me!”

I came.

My pussy spasmed on his dick. I thrashed on the hammock, the diamond-patterned twine digging into my stomach as my hair flew about my head. The pleasure burned out of my pussy, consuming my flesh. An inferno of rapture burned through my mind. I milked his cock with my hot cunt, bucking and thrashing.

“Yes, Thrak. So good.”

“You're cumming hard,” he grunted, hand squeezing me. “Your married cunt's eager for my cum.”

“So eager.” My toes curled. “Cum in me.” It was so wrong to beg another man to cum in my pussy. “Yes, yes, fill me with your jizz. I'm such a wicked wife.”

Thrak grunted and thrust his dick into my spasming pussy. Another orgasm roared out of my cunt, burning me with wicked delight. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as the bliss consumed me. Thrak buried his cock into me.

His hot jizz flooded me. I was such a naughty wife. My mind burned, consumed by the rapture. The fires raged through me while I gasped and moaned, my naughty cunt milking every drop of his cum into my pussy.

Another man's cum. I loved it.

“Oh, Thrak,” I moaned as the pleasure receded.

“Xandra,” he panted, his voice thick with pleasure. He pulled out of me. I didn't fight as he rolled me over onto my back, my legs hanging off the side, his jizz dripping out of me. He loomed over me and leaned down to kiss me.

I closed my eyes then froze, for a single moment forgetting that it was my husband in Thrak's form. He came closer. I felt his breath on me. I licked my lips, eager to kiss my lover and...

“No, no. Not as Thrak. As you.” I ripped my eyes open. I wanted Thrak to kiss me. “Please, Chaun.”

The smile on Thrak's lips changed, becoming the cocky grin of my husband as he shrank, black skin replacing swarthy, silvery hair sprouting from woolly. My husband's face appeared. I seized his neck and pulled him down for a hard kiss. My legs locked about his waist, pulling him in. His hard cock nudged my pussy lips.

“I need my true husband,” I moaned, breaking the kiss. “Not Thrak. He was too big. I'm sore. It was good, but it hurt. You don't.”

He smiled at me and kissed me again as he thrust into my cum-filled pussy. I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of a dick that wasn't too huge. But just right. I didn't need Thrak or other men.

Well, maybe occasionally it was fun. And maybe...if Chaun was with me...

No. No, no, no. Just Chaun.


Knight-Errant Angela

“Do you think we'll find the Mirage Gardens easily?” Sophia asked as she cuddled next to me in my hammock. It was tight and her every movement made it squirm.

Which did not help my stomach.

“Of course,” I said.


“Probably not.” I grinned at my lover. “But when does anything ever go easy for us.”

She smiled, stroking my hair. Her brown hair fell about her face. Her small breasts were naked, nipples hard. They were in easy reach, beading with her milk. Whenever a new bout of nausea came on me, I just had to suckle and feel better.

It was so wonderful of her to be here, nursing me, loving me.

I watched an errant bead of milk trickle down from her nipple, crossing her small mound before reaching my flesh. It was warm and creamy. My nose flared, catching the scent, I squirmed and licked my lips.

“Feeling nausea?” Sophia asked.

“Just hungry,” I purred and leaned over, latching onto her nipple.

The hammock swayed as I drank. Sophia purred as her milk flowed into my mouth. It was thick and creamy. I swallowed it. The milk poured down my mouth and warmed my belly. It was so delicious. I closed my eyes, nursing hard.

Sophia's hand crept down my body. She pressed between my naked thighs and found me wet. I sighed about her nipple as her fingers lightly played with my clit, stimulating me, teasing me, but not making me cum.

“It's out there in the Halanian Desert,” Sophia purred. “They say you have to make an offering to the efreet who rules it to enter. A gift in the middle of the desert. A nubile, naked woman.”

I suckled harder.

“He has a harem,” she continued. “Dusky-skinned jinn, demigoddess of uncountable beauty. Dark eyes, long lashes, and all trained to please.”

Her fingers rubbed harder at my clit as her excitement grew. I nursed as Sophia drifted into her fantasy. Her red lips moved. I stared at them as my pussy clenched. Pleasure tingled through me, my clit aching.

“Doesn't that sound perfect? All those sexy jinn lounging in a beautiful garden. Pools of water, green plants. Making love with each other amid perfumed censors. It sounds like paradise. It would be perfect if there wasn't an efreet.”

“Mmm, but with him gone. It would be amazing. Making love to those beautiful jinn, licking their pussies, suckling on their breasts. I bet they taste like honey. Oh, my Queen, can you imagine it?”

I pictured Sophia's pale body amid their dusky flesh, hands touching, roaming, women sighing. My hips undulated as her milk squirted into my mouth. Every swallow warmed my belly more, drifting down to my pussy and my swelling orgasm.

It did sound like the perfect place for Sophia. I wanted to see her frolicking in the gardens, moving from jinn to jinn, licking and fucking, fingering and fisting. She would make them all cum. They would gasp and moan. She would writhe and be so beautiful.

My toes curled as the pleasure built. I gasped as my pussy clenched. The hammock swung. Her finger circled my clit, teasing it, rubbing it, massaging it. I suckled hard, milk squirting into my mouth as the pleasure crested in me.

And spilled bliss through my body.

“Yes, yes, Angela, you see it,” moaned Sophia, still stroking me. “You see them. That's it. Cum while picturing us in the Mirage Gardens.”

The pleasure roared through me. My mouth fell from her nipple so I could gasp, “Yes, yes, you would be so beautiful among them. Oh, Sophia. So good.”

“I live to please you, my Queen,” purred Sophia.

She rubbed my clit through my orgasm. I shuddered, my pillowy tits heaved and then the pleasure retreated. I smiled at her, my hand reaching up, stroking her cheeks. She grinned and lifted her fingers, sticky with my juices, to her lips.

“We'll find the Mirage Gardens,” I told her. “We'll need a guide or something. A way to navigate the desert. We have to be deep in it to find the gardens. Traveling to one of the oasis the Halanians live at.”

“A caravan,” Sophia grinned. “Maybe there'll be another Halanian belly dancer. I need to learn how to dance better. Then I'll make your pussy explode.”

“I can't wait,” I grinned.


Yowlia – The Free City of Hargone

I followed behind my master, Farson, lead by my chain connected to my collar, the only thing I wore. I smiled as the bare-chested, Halanian men watched me, thick scimitars hanging from the colorful slashes holding up their beige pantaloons. They were all guards for the merchant who lay beyond the screen of pink silk.

My master, wearing the black armor of a Shizhuthian warleader, pushed aside the silk and stepped into the merchant's office. The man looked up and nodded. He, too, was Halanian, with ebony skin and an oiled, white beard drawn to a point. He wore a thick turban decorated in gold chains and had rings on each finger studded with precious gems.

“Welcome, welcome,” Aswunt said. “When my overseer said a Shizhuthian wanted to guard my caravan, well, I had to see that with my own eyes. Very impressive. You even have a lamia slave.”
Farson grunted. “You travel the deep deserts?”

“Yes, yes,” nodded Aswunt. “Dangerous. Many bandits, but also much wealth to be had. The spices grown around the oasis, each one different, each one worth so much to the lands across the Nimborgoth. You'll make a silver a day.”

“A gold.”

I blinked at that. My master wanted to join the caravan because the knight would need to hire one. Farson believed she would arrive today or tomorrow. He wanted to kill her in the deep desert during a raid of desertmen or a sandstorm. To kill her in the confusion.

Her allies were powerful.

So we needed to be hired. I did not understand why he haggled. And asked so much? What if the merchant rejected him?

“A gold,” laughed the merchant. “Preposterous. You think you're worth a dozen armed men? Two silver. Nothing more.”

“A gold.” Repeated my master. Farson folded his arms, still holding to my leash.

My tail swung behind me. My ears twitched. What was he doing?

“Two silver, no more. Take it or leave. I have preparations to make. I don't have time to— Seljan's contract!”

The shadows in the room moved and writhed. One tickled my pussy as I knelt, a soft caress as my master worked the powers he learned in Shizhuth. The merchant clutched at his chest as shadows reached for him.

“Shadowmancer,” Aswunt gasped, sweat pouring down his ebony brow, bejeweled fingers pulling at pointed beard. “One gold. Yes, yes. One gold. You are worth it.”

The shadows leaped back to normal. “Good. And you leave on the morning after tomorrow, yes?”

“At dawn.”

Farson's armor creaked as he bowed. “We shall be there.”

Waiting for Angela. My claws flexed as I purred in happy delight. Master would kill her, and we would earn such a bounty.

To be continued...

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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 3: The Pirate's Claws